Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Kitchen Cabinets!

Yep!   Our kitchen cabinets are finally in :)

When our kitchen was first designed, this space was initially meant for a big comfy chair to go there, but instead.. we put a couch and table in the other end of the kitchen.  Then, the area meant for the chair just became random storage and unused space. So, we decided to finish out the cupboard with a final cabinet to match the rest.

The final results are so good! The kitchen now feels finished, and I love it

 Before Photos:

After photos:

I'm very happy we choose the open shelves, its a great pop of colour in the kitchen

 - Leah


nattyphysicist said...

Looks great Leah. Now what happened to that air duct?

Anonymous said...

It's still there. Because it ended up behind the open shelving there is a space behind the box with a ramp to push the air up over the cupboard.