Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mirror Makeover - DIY Laundry Room Art

In a combined effort to clear the basement of stuff as we renovate (an old mirror from a old medicine cabinet) and to add some finishing touches to my new laundry room (full blog reveal soon).

And with inspiration from here and here. I etched a sign into the mirror that otherwise would have probably headed to the garbage soon.

First I covered the mirror in painters tape, then wrote my stuff with a marker, and then used a razor blade to cut away the letters, leaving a stencil with the exposed mirror the part that I wanted to etch.

I bought some glass etch cream from Michaels (using a 40% off coupon of course). My stencil wasn't one of the listed types, so I just applied with an old paint brush and then washed it away.

I was worried that the acid would eat away at the tape, so I applied it as fast as I could and then immediately washed it away. It didn't seem to do much so I re-did the process (waiting alittle bit longer - although I didn't look at a watch at all so not sure how much time actually passed) and after the second application, I washed it and removed the tape.

The finished product isn't super crisp or even but it also makes it look kinda aged which I liked. Its fairly subtle but I am happy with the result.

Soon I will show it hanging in our new 'almost' finished laundry room.



leks said...

My favourite part is the multi-tasking mother holding the baby while taking pictures for her blog... amazing.

Lauren said...

yep, she likes to help

nattyphysicist said...

Agreed, that is an awesome picture :)