Tuesday, 24 January 2012

DIY Wine Rack

My brother had three days off last week and he spent it as any normal person my basement making a wine rack. He first browsed the internet to look for 'designs'. Then we drew up some plans (first plans were made on a napkin) and kinda modified as he needed to throughout the way.
Bought some wood and got to work.

Hard at work (the wine is a measurement tool to make sure the rack is the right side - it was not consumed during the building process)
Vertical components waiting to be assembled.
And of course my daughter helped.

Still to be completed:
some trim
filling with wine

- Lauren

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Virtuous Girl, Interrupted said...

very well done, im quite impressed. this just happens to be my next project. i think im going to gut an old dresser and add inserts like your guy build. yours is very nice