Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome Twenty Twelve!

I can't believe another year is over, it has been great - but it went by so fast!

And so it seems this time of year, people do two things - look back on the year past, and look forward to all that comes with a new year.

For the past twenty years or so, my new years resolution has been to stop biting my nails, the last 5 years or so has resulted in a number of significant attempts, and I will continue to try. I know that now more than ever, it's a bad example for my daughter and I don't want to be the reason that she one day also bites her nails.

But in a less 'resolution' sense and in a home reno goal sense, I am looking forward to sharing many projects with you, including some from this year which are almost done (bathrooms and laundry room) and some that are just started (basement and refinishing stairs) and some that are probably beyond 2012 but I can still dream about them (knocking down walls and a new kitchen). And those are only the 'larger' projects!

- Lauren
(photo by Owen Cherry)

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