Wednesday, 14 December 2011

DIY Outdoor Christmas Arrangements II

So you may remember from here, that I have been working on early Christmas presents. Its been fun to do, and each one is a little different (no fun all being the same!)

Check out some more arrangements that I have done:

Some people have asked me where I got all my supplies - here are a few of my tricks, I have been trying to be as frugal as possible.

I had a curly willow tree in my front yard, it was planted 3 years ago and had grown the height of our house, so it was cut down this year, I am sure it will grow back again but I didn't want it to get too outta control plus you can buy this exact same stuff in the stores. I spray painted some of it orange, and some I left natural

Birch, it looks so much more impressive than other tree branches (which I also used). Some birch was from my parents house (who's tree needed alittle trimming) and I also bought some from Sobeys (3 for $15 - which has recently been reduced to 3 for $10. This is substancially cheaper than some I have seen for up to $50 for one piece. I guess it depends where you buy it from but also how long and fat the piece is.)

I bought fake berries for most arrangements from Michaels (on sale of course!) and I bought some dried eucalyptus too, I wasn't sure how that would last in the elements, but it seems to have done better than the berries. In one arrangement the plastic on the berries burst open showing white, and in another they turned purple.

For the foliage, I used some blue spruce for 2 which was also trimmed from trees at my parents house. Some I bought (also from Sobeys, 4 bunches for $20) but a trick I realized last year and just remembered after completing most of my arrangements is that you can buy a whole Christmas tree for $20 (mine was from Home Depot) and then i cut some branches off !
(I only wanted a small tree anyways, but I could have used the whole tree in arrangements and still bought a full size one for in the house).

I used pine cones in a lot of the arrangements, and its ridiculous how expensive pine cones are..... I just kept my eyes open while out for walks and picked them up. Essentially I figure I am helping the landscaping people because I am sure they don't agree well with a lawnmower! I also thought about knocking on peoples doors if necessary, I can't imagine people would mind.

I also bought some shiny Christmas ornaments from a second hand store, some were old and discoloured - which was perfect for being outside - and I have no experience how they will be in the cold weather.

Unfortunately, I think I got a little bored by the time I did my own planters, because they are the least exciting but still do the trick.

Anyone else doing any outdoor decorating?

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- Lauren


Angela said...

Those are some very good looking arrangements :) You are my most talented and creative friend by far! Thanks again.

Lauren said...

glad you enjoyed it - it was extra fun to sneak around and do it when you were not at home!

Anonymous said...