Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

This is the earliest I think I have ever started decorating for Christmas. The past few years our family has decided to make gifts instead of buying them. This adds so much more creativity and fun. We don't have hard 'rules' but like to encourage creativity. Sometimes its personalizing something you have bought (The stencilled hotplate in the previous post was a gift from my brother last year - and its used very often!).

This year my gift is outdoor Christmas decorations. I had decided this in the spring and since I want people to enjoy my gift through the Christmas season, I have started early with hopes to have them all done by December 1st.

Here are pics of two so far, one was done in October - which was enhanced last week to be more wintery with some blue spruce.

Anyone else started decorating early or working on Christmas projects?

- Lauren

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Carrie said...

thanks - I love mine!