Thursday, 1 December 2011

Not your average wedding cake

Friends of mine that were recently married didn't want a 'traditional' wedding cake, so they created something that reflected them a little better - a four layer cake made entirely of CHEESE!

Not only was it great to look it - it was served up at the late night buffet - and extras were vacuumed sealed and I got four pieces of 'cake' to take home! (oh the perks to being in the wedding party).

(The photos are from The cake topper was made by Kathy Bocchino (knottingwood) and was purchased on etsy.)


Carrie said...

Lauren, what type of cheese(s) was it? Just curious!

Lauren said...

I am not sure what type of cheeses they were, I know one was parm-ish, and I think one was aged cheddar, we ate one last night which we guessed was aged, smoked gouda - but it was only a guess. My guess is that they had to choose the types partially on stack-ability.

Lauren said...

The cheeses are:
Spanish garrotxa (top)
Cottage Gold
Piave vecchio (bottom)