Tuesday, 11 October 2011


 Every Thanksgiving, my In-Laws have an very creative tradition. D-I-Y Art! I love it!
It has been such a great way for the family to share in an activity together, and to have a beautiful, creative, original piece of art!

It's so simple...
- buy a canvas, (already pre-assembled would be easiest, but my family like to make the frame themselves.. if you are looking for a certain size, it will be best to make the frame... but if you are not as picky on size, you can easily buy a pre-assembled piece of canvas)

- buy yourself some acrylic paint (any art store can help you choose the best kind to buy)

- get your family and friends together to help share in the original piece of art you are about to make

- get creative! play around with different brushes, techniques, colours,

- when finished, leave to dry for at least a day, (then make your frame if need be) Hang it up, and wait for the compliments to roll in :)

This is the art made about 4 years ago. It hangs in our dining room, and we constantly get compliments on it.



Carrie said...

I love it! I totally want to do this!

Lauren said...

we could make you one at your birthday party?

Carrie said...

sounds good!

nattyphysicist said...

I never knew that was diyed. Nice!

jenselk said...

I made one of these on Friday and I'm in love with it. Have always loved the one in your dining room, too. It's so easy.