Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cloth Diaper Review

Now for my review on the specific cloth diapers.

Its crazy how many different types are out there! I have tried a few different types and liked some more than others.

Kissaluvs, bummis with snappi and sandys cloth diapers

We primarily used Bummis Prefolds with snappi diaper fasteners. There are a handful of ways to put them on, we did not use the bummis method, but for newborn we liked the bikini twist and then moved to a partial fold. The snappi ties are fantastic and I can only imagine so much better than pins my mom used to use. (There are many websites which show various techneiques such as here). These are sized and so you need to buy different ones as your baby grows, I don't think the "preemie" ones are necessary - you can just fold the infant ones. These were great, I think they are the cheapest option out
there, they do require some skill to put on so that there isn't any leaks. A waterproof cover is needed overtop of the cotton.

Kissaluv's - these were fantastic. They are fitted diapers with elastic around the legs for no leaks and snaps at the waist. These are sized so you have to buy different ones as your baby grows. These are great for newborns as they have a fold down section so that the diaper doesn't interfere with the umbilical cord. A waterproof cover is needed overtop of the cotton.

Motherease Sandy's cotton fitted diapers - These are sized, and so you have to buy different ones as your baby grows. Similar to the kissaluvs but they have two rows of snaps which make you feel like its more secure around the legs but I haven't noticed any difference one set of snaps or two. These are alittle bulkier than the kissaluv's but still great. A waterproof cover is needed overtop of the cotton. These work best with Motherease brand covers.

Waterproof Covers

The beauty here is that you don't have to wash these after every use, unless it gets pooped on, you can put it aside after a diaper change and let it air out and then use it again for the following diaper change.
clockwise from top left: motherease, thirsties, bummis, flip

Bummis Wraps - Some with snaps and some with velcro, they are sized so you have to buy more as the baby grows. You had to wash the cover after each use because it is more cloth like on the inside it absorbs the pee more. I would not recommend.

Flip - this one expands as the baby grows. Lots of snaps for adjustability. Great.

Motherease - snap and velcro versions, the velcro ones have extra elastic at the legs which is great. You need different sizes as your baby grows. Great.

Thirsties duo wraps - velcro at the waist and snaps to adjust the size. Two different sizes. Great.

And finally, All-in-one's (AIO's)

Gro-via and Monkey Doodlez

Monkey Doodlez - These come in different sizes so you have to buy multiple sizes as the baby grows. I believe they are a canadian company, have a fleece lining, seemed pretty good but I found that when she had a big pee - the moisture would soak all the way to the edge and out onto her pants. I did not like these.

Gro-via -These are great, they are one size, so they didn't fit right away, but I think they will grow with the baby until they are out of diapers. My only concern is that the snaps at the waist are on the inside which makes it look alittle more appealing but I think would easier if they were across the outside. (You might have to see one to understand what I am trying to say)

Basically, the only thing I wouldn't recommend is the Bummis wraps and the Monkey Doodlez All-in-ones. But I am sure some people love them, as I said there are so many different types out there you just have to see what works for you.

My fave's are probably the kissaluv's fitted or prefold with snappi with thirsties cover, followed by the gro-via's.
My husbands fave's are the bummis prefold with snappis in a thirsties cover.

One warning is that once you start its easy to get carried away, its a whole new world of shopping! Does anyone have some favourite types I should test out?


leks said...

Thanks for the tips Lauren... I will bookmark this post for future reference :)

Lauren said...

let me know when the time comes and we can meet up for a coffee!

Angela said...

Excellent review :) My absolute favourites are Blueberry/Swaddlebees. Super trim, absorbant, liner is made from bamboo, and the prints I think are the cutest out there!

I think Harper would love a Baby Blooms cover.

Lauren said...

Thanks Angela, I will have to check them out

nattyphysicist said...

My recommendations:

-velcro closure on a cover is fully adjustable and closes up the fastest.
-gussets on the cover is a must as it gives a positive seal between the diaper and leg. Remember to tuck all the cotton in behind the cover.