Tuesday, 25 October 2011 Online Gift Registry

Gift Registries are very tricky things:
1. You don't want to ASK for things, generally people shouldn't feel obligated to buy you a gift for a certain occasion - but if they are going to and chances are they want to buy you something, then you want then to be able to buy something that you want and will use.
2. How do you choose what store to register at - often you want something from many different stores and that is where this online register comes in

I found this online registry through friends (and its created by a friend that I went to University with) check it out.

Its fantastic, you can link to any item that you can find online - ideally things you can buy online and that way people have the options of buying online or instore.

Also, sometimes you know you want an item like a towel - but you don't care which specific one. so you can be specific with some items and more general with others.

Also you can add items like babysitting, meals, and things that aren't typically on gift registries.

It would be great if you could use it for non-baby events......maybe one day.

- Lauren
(Note: We weren’t paid or perked for promoting this gift registry, it was something I have used and liked so wanted to share with you)

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Smart said...

Online registration helps to get gift easily.It is a good way to get gift as your choice.
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