Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bathroom Upgrades

Its been almost a year and a half since we started our bathroom reno's

This involved ripping everything except the bathtub and surround out. Luckily we have a second full bathroom on the main floor.

The original bathroom when we got the house about 8 years ago had an avocado tub and toilet, dark green wall paper border and sliding glass shower doors. I can't remember 100% but I think it was painted baby blue. (unfortunately I don't have any pictures)

Back in 2007, I removed the glass shower doors, removed the wallpaper and painted the room yellow. This satisfied me for a while. (I couldn't even find pics from this either)

Then in 2008, we replaced the bathtub and surround. (still no pics.....)

Finally in 2011,
- we replaced the vinyl flooring to heated faux slate tiles (heated floors are amazing)
- replaced the green avocado coloured toilet to a dual flush white model
- replaced the light fixture and added a second light to the shower area.
- added an exhaust fan
- upgraded the window
- we designed and had the mirror built
- we designed and had a new vanity custom built for maximum storage and for our new 'wetstyle' double faucet sink.

The room has been so close to being finished for about 6 months now. In March we finished installing the trim and last month I finally caulked it.

We have plans to do a tile backsplash, we have even bought the tile. I guess this is probably a project we should do before the kitchen is started.......perhaps this will motivate me (us).

Does it take anyone else this long to finally finish stuff?

- Lauren

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Carrie said...

your bathroom looks AMAZING!!! Wow. What a transformation. Well done