Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mudroom Make Over : Part 1

I know that I am very fortunate to have a large entry to our house, room to take off wet/snowy coats/boots, room to keep the stroller inside etc but often it feels like a waste of space.

In attempts to finish up smaller house projects so that all renovation energy can be focused on the kitchen. I have started to do something with the entry room.

Its a room thats approximately 11 feet by 11 feet, it seems hard to focus just on storage of coats/shoes and all the other junk that accumulates as you enter/leave the house (grocery bags, tools, things to be returned, garden related items, etc). So I have decided that this room will hopefully also one day work as a home office type space, somewhere to sit, keep some files, store some books, crafty things, etc

Step one was trying to reduce the un-necessary stuff in this room, and then I painted it. My plan was to have this part finished in October. I still feel relatively on-track seeing as its not yet the middle of November, and lets be honest its hard to get stuff done during nap time.

Before Pics:

After Painting and a little rearranging/purging:
(ok, there is actually a little bit left to paint, and I actually didn't paint behind the blue storage unit.......but I am so close and I figured if I didn't post this right might have taken me another month!)

I also quickly painted the door charcoal grey. I love it..... from a distance, up close I know I will have to do a better second coat in the spring, when I can remove the glass insert to properly paint around the faux french door details.

Part 2 plans include:
- replacing the blue storage unit (which very clearly does not go in this room any more) with a wardrobe unit to store coats/shoes/hats etc as well as the vacuum I am sure more than I can imagine right now.
- An upgraded bench with storage (the shelves that are there now are just a place holder and are currently working quite well)
- a shelf to keep some of our books (ideally close to the ceiling to maximize use of wall space, plus they aren't accessed very often anyways so its ok if they aren't within arms reach. At least having them out on display will make them easier to access than having them in a pile on the floor of the spare room or still in boxes)
- lower hooks for my daughters coat and other bags etc.
- microwave relocated to the kitchen (although I have no idea where that will go exactly)

Part 3 plans (which might all be part of my dreams and not reality) include:
- removing the built-in closet (which is behind the door when you enter the room)
- adding a desk in its place with some built-in storage for files, and other office-y type stuff.

My hopes is to have Part 2 finished by Christmas. we will see how that goes seeing as its only 6 weeks away.

oh, and I want to replace the light fixture too, but I don't think I am willing to go out specifically to buy something so I will wait for awhile and see what comes of that.

- Lauren

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