Monday, 1 October 2012

Stenciled Floors

When my cat made an end to our hallway carpet - I used this as an excuse to finally rip up the old carpet (which I have wanted to remove for years).  In a dream world I would like to put down hardwood floor in the hall and bedrooms, but in reality that will have to wait a few years. I didn't want to put down more carpet, and laminate seemed like a short term solution that I would rather not spend the time or money to install. So I painted the subfloor and then stencilled it.

First I primed the subfloor

Then painted it light grey

And finally stencilled it

Is this an acceptable short(ish)term solution? I am glad I don't live in a new house because I think I can kinda get away with this.

Now the final question is what to do with the baseboards - they are currently too high, but do i remove and reposition them lower? add some quarter round? upgrade to something that matches the main floor (and original trim in the house)? I don't want to spend money that will essentially be thrown out when we do eventually put in a 'real' floor. So I think for now I will just live with it the way it is until it bothers me too much.

- Lauren


Anonymous said...

Lauren..this is totally cool. I'va also seen a friend paint what looks like a carpet onto the sub floor of a bed room. It only works in these old houses though. Nice work!

Cr8zy4mod said...

Why only in an "old" home? My friend lives in a 2 year old 900,000 home in SoCal and the ripped up the carpet in whole downstairs area of 1900 sf and simply stained the concrete. You can do this painting a subfloor in any home, the most important thing will be the preparation and actual application of paint or stain...if you take your time, it will look great.