Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Good-bye Milk Box

As convenient as it to have a milk box, leaving things for people to pick up if I am not home or having a place for delivery of a package. And it would have been ultra-convenient to have milk delivered (when did that stop?) But currently its very drafty. We are participating is the Government of Canada ecoENERGY program and for part of insulating the house we are also sealing holes etc.

Here are some before pics of the milk box (both from the inside of the house)

and now the work to seal it off

1) cut the dividing shelf (it allowed for mail to be dropped in and only accessed from the inside - but now if the slot is used, we want the mail to still be accessible from the outside since it will be the only access point)

2) Cut a piece of wood to size, I used my new Kreg jig (which I got for Christmas) to drill pocket holes. Then I screwed a screw into the middle to use as a handle. and then screwed it in place. (removing the screw in the middle when done)

3) remove the trim from the inside - ideally with less damage than what occurred......

4) caulk from the outside (maybe i will paint it next summer currently its too cold for exterior painting even if it does feel like spring)

5) patch with drywall and paint with primer.......probably won't get around to painting until we finish the basement and stairway. Patching was a little more work than I think it should have been, my drywall skills are poor, so it took me 4 times, hopefully I improve fast if I am going to help drywall the basement!

One more project that has been completed in 15 minute intervals, sometimes that's all the time you get.

- Lauren


Angela said...

Wow!!! Impressed! Is there anything you can't do!!???

Lauren said...

I am not sure if there is anything I won't at least try to DIY. Also the internet will teach you just about anything.