Thursday, 8 September 2011

Help me win a new $25K kitchen makeover from House&Home and IKEA

I am going to enter a contest with House & Home magazine to win a $25K kitchen makeover from IKEA

I have always wanted to redo our kitchen - but its such a massive undertaking that it still hasn't happened yet. We are getting closer now - at least in the talking sense of what we want, possible layout options etc and now with this magazine contest........I know that I have to sell my house and my story to them since they are looking for more than a kitchen - they need a great magazine article.

Here are my pictures and entry - any comments are helpful as I still have a week or so before I have to send in my info.

Our 130 sqft kitchen is old, I am not sure when it was redone (I assume its not the original kitchen to our 1964 home) but it needs help, there is still sections of the walls that were not plastered properly and I have just painted over for the quick fix. The cabinets had faux hinges that I removed but the marks still remain in permanent grime on the cabinet doors. The floor is a whole other story as you can’t ever tell if its dirty which may seem like a good thing but its not,  not to mention that it’s green. The lighting is bad and there isn’t enough counter space for prep. Our kitchen has great storage but isn’t quite big enough for a table. So it always feels awkward getting stuff out of cupboards/fridge if you are also planning on a sit down meal at the table. Our latest family member is 8 weeks old and we want a more functional space for when she starts to join us at the table for meals. Our wishlist for the kitchen include better lighting, a new layout with island that we can eat at, wall/window opened up to the living room and also to the front entry. A gas stove and convection oven (I love to bake!).

- Lauren

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