Thursday, 1 September 2011

Camping 101

Last week my husband and I went camping with our three daughters.  We were camping for 10 days and it was fantastic.  If you know anything about my husband, you'll know that he LOVES to camp.  He was born for it and he is the best possible version of himself when he is camping.  On the drive home from our camping trip, I took the liberty of interviewing Steve.  He humoured me and what a great sport he was :)

How long have you been camping?  "35 plus years"

What are your favourite things about camping?  "the outdoors, pace of life, campfires"

Any advice for first time  campers?  "go for it.  It's a great and inexpensive way to spend time with family and friends"

Any favourite camping items?  Things you can’t live without?  "pie-irons, beach toys, griddle for making breakfast, axe"

Favourite camping meals/snacks?  "breakfast, apple and mars bar pie irons, pringles, purple fanta"

Best camping investment?  "my broil king portable barbeque"

Favourite campground?  "MacGregor Point Provincial Park"

How do you keep the bugs away when camping?  "don’t shower" jk

How do you cope with rain when camping?  "my tarp - rainy day camping is better than a day elsewhere"

Do you own patio lanterns?  "nope - just Christmas Lights"

On average, how much do you spend a week at the camp store on candy?  "75 dollars"

Camping nick names?  "Sugar", "Luke" (from Gilmore Girls)

Readers, what do you love about camping?  Any questions you would want me to ask my resident, expert camper?



Angela said...

Question SJ....what is a pie iron? More specifically what is a mars bar pie iorn? And how do I get one???

Carrie said...

I'll chat with SJ tonight and get him to post his answer on here :)

Steve said...

Angela - picture a grilled cheese sandwich cooked over the fire. A pie iron is a small cast iron 'box' with a handle. Instead of cheese - you put sliced apple, sliced mars bar and cinnamon between the bread. You cook it for 10-15 minutes and it is amazing.
If you join us camping next summer, I'll make you one!