Monday, 17 June 2013

Home Made Deodorant

I stopped using 'conventional' deodorant a quite a few years ago. I have tried various natural brands but never found one that I loved.

I have found that the biggest thing was making sure I drink enough water.  Sure, we all stink if we have been doing some serious manual labour or working out but for the most part if I drink enough water I didn't usually wear anything.  I figured that since sometimes I can smell myself I can distinguish between needing or not needing deodorant (hopefully this is true and I don't offend anyone!).

Your body needs to sweat, that's how it gets rid of toxins.  Deodorant can block those pores, actually preventing your body from working properly.

Sometimes I do like to have some on hand and so I decided to make my own.  Its super easy and cheap. I used an old deodorant container for easier application. I just broke off the old deodorant stick, wiped it out with rubbing alcohol. After turning the knob back down, I used a spoon to fill the container and make a traditional curve on the top for easy use.

  • equal parts baking soda and cornstarch
  • add just enough coconut oil to make it all stick together
  • add a bunch of drops of tea tree essential oils

The trick is using the minimum amount of coconut oil.  Since coconut oil is liquid in the summer and solid in the winter, the consistency changes throughout the year which can be a little annoying.  But I now keep it in the fridge to solve any temperature fluctuations.

I have been using this long enough to say that you should try it too.

Anyone else making their own personal care products?

- Lauren


Carrie Jones said...

Awesome! Can I place an order? :)

Lauren said...

do you have an old deodorant container? i can fill it when i see you next

Carrie Jones said...

perfect :)