Wednesday, 8 May 2013

DIY Kitchen Magnet Board

Even though kitchen renovation dreams are still dreams, I am continually tweaking things to make the room more functional - since I spend alot of time in the kitchen.

The fridge was becoming a catch-all and was getting really cluttered and starting to annoy me.

The fridge now is mostly photos and magnet letters - which are played with alot by my daughter.

And for lists, notes, money etc - I hung an old cookie sheet on the wall with a 3M picture hanger strip. I only learned about these recently from here and am loving them.

I also hung a family calendar and a tray on the wall and I think it looks great. Organized and alittle less cluttered.

The tray is awesome, but it's too big to fit in any cupboards. It usually just rested on the floor, leaning against the wall - this meant that whenever you wanted to use it, you usually also needed to clean it. Hanging the tray makes it accessible and it stays clean. The tray is hanging on two screws that stick out of the wall about an inch. There is a lip on the bottom of the tray and it hangs great - no issues so far.

(You may also notice we got a new french door - which leads to the basement and side door. I am loving it, It lets in light from the side door and also allows me to see outside from the kitchen.)

- Lauren

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