Thursday, 24 January 2013

DIY Dryer Balls - more HomeMade Christmas

An amazing friend of mine is also onboard with homemade christmas gifts. This year she made dryer balls. As simple as they appear - I can only imagine the time commitment to make for multiple people!

Basically its a ball of matted wool - or rather four balls.

I have been using Nellies Dryer Balls for about a year and a half - they are recommended in the cloth diapering world. But they are starting to show some wear, some of the plastic nubs breaking off - which I have learned may be due to storing them in the dryer - which gets very cold in the winter and then when hard/cold plastic is banging around......they break. Also in comparison the felted ones are MUCH quieter than plastic.

I also got a small bottle of lavender essential oils to add to the balls - for those people who want/need their clothes to smell fresh and clean. I just added it and so far its a nice additional touch

There are lots of online tutorials if you want to make your own dryer balls or you can buy them on

Pros to using dryer balls
- decrease drying time
- decrease wrinkles
- reduce static
- safe for sensitive skin & cloth diapers (which recommend no fabric softeners etc which leave a coating on the materials)

Overall : Fantastic

- Lauren


Anonymous said...

Oh hey, I made the blog! Glad you liked them :) I hope they are staying together for you. One of mine is unraveling- but they are supposed to last for years :( Oh well, I'm sure it's a quick fix. You've got to get those other sisters posting too!

Lauren said...

One of mine has been attacked by some velcro but still seems to be intact.

Anne said...

This is brilliant! I use the Nellies ones and they are SO loud. I actually avoid running the dryer at bed time... Which we all know is pretty much a must.

And a double plus is having something to do with my leftover wool. Ah who are we kidding, I'm going to check out etsy now... Thanks Big L!