Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Community Supported Agriculture

I am so lucky enough to live in an awesome community where I can receive so much of my food from LOCAL farmers. When buying local food, not only does the produce, meat, cheese etc... taste a thousand times better than anything I would find in a grocery store, it is often picked the morning you buy it AND you support local farmers!! 

This is the first year my sister Lauren and I  have participated in a Community Supported Agriculture program. Lauren and I decided to get a full share amount of food (enough for a family of 4) and split the food between the two of us. It worked out to be approx $20 each for the week of produce which is delivered right to my door.

A bit of background on a CSA:

(Taken from Stevanus Family Farm's website:)

"Community Supported Agriculture farms develop a partnership between the farmer and those who consume their food. Our customers purchase a share in the harvest and are treated to the fresh, all natural, locally grown vegetables which are delivered to your door each week. [The farm] receive[s] the start up capital necessary to purchase seeds, supplies and soil amendments."

Today was our first week receiving our box of produce and we were not disappointed

Check out our loot:

Along with the veggies, we received a newsletter with recipes, and a description of the food and how to cook it (a few of the vegetables I have never cooked with, and I'm pretty excited to try them out!)

Have any of you cooked with white radishes, pak choi or garlic scapes before? Have you tried a CSA?

- Leah


Carrie said...

Great post, Leah!

I am participating for the first time in a local CSA and sharing a "share" with my friend, Alison, who lives around the corner from me. I love it so far and love the surprise that comes with each week's box! Two weeks ago we also received white radishes and garlic scapes - which I have never bought before!

Here's the farm in Niagara that our CSA is through:


p.s. love the new background on the blog :)

leks said...

Looks good Leah!