Monday, 28 November 2011

bye bye sauna, hello storage!

just some pics of the latest project Craig and I have been working on:

If you live in a Condo(or any house for that matter), you know just how valuable storage can be.
When we first bought our condo, one of the "features" was a sauna. Now, for most people, having a sauna is a pretty awesome feature to have in your house, and when we told people we were taking it out to make a linen closet, most people we talked to were very surprised that we would give up such a neat part of our house. But, like in many situations, you just have to listen to yourself, and not to be swayed by others opinions.
and, for the record, our sauna in like, 30 years old, it takes about 45 mins to heat up.. and we were using it for storage anyway... so every time we wanted a sauna, we would have to lug out like 40 boxes just for a 10min sauna. so not worth it.

so Linen Closet/ Storage it is!

Here are some before photos: there was a wood bench which has already been taken out

 and the after photos:
- We rubbed the wood walls with Linseed Oil to add some moisture, it made the wood look less dry and marked up. We then added in wire shelves, a hook for Craig's road bike, as well as other hooks in the cubby by the bike for other equipment like our helmets and ice skates.

all in all, it took about a day to finish it all up, and I am very pleased with the results. Next step will to have better organization on the shelves.

How do you deal with your storage/lack of storage in your house? Any good techniques you use?

- Leah


Carrie said...

Looks great - but I wish I had at least got to try out that sauna before it got turned into a closet!

jenselk said...

Nice work, Leah! I know a few people who have saunas... and no one ever uses them. But everyone needs good storage.